A myringotomy is a surgical operation in which a small incision is taken on the eardrum, and hollow tubes called grommets are surgically placed into the eardrum. Typically, grommets are made up of plastic or silicone.
It drains the fluids or pus that has collected and helps in ventilating the middle ear space.


• Fluid behind the eardrum/serious otitis media
• Chronic middle ear infections with atelectasis
• Recurrent Barotrauma

In children, myringotomy is performed under general anesthesia, whereas in adults, it is performed under local anesthetic in an outpatient clinic and takes around 10 minutes. A tiny incision is made in the eardrum by the surgeon. A tube is placed into the perforation in the eardrum, and the fluid is suctioned out. Usually tubes falls out from the eardrum after 9- 12 months.

The patient can resume all routine activities within 24 hours following the procedure. Hearing is quickly restored when the operation is completed.

Myringotomy surgery in Dubai

Things to do throughout your recovery:

• Follow up regularly with your doctor to have your tubes checked for proper placement and performance.
• Use the ear drops given by the ENT doctor to assist in reducing fluid discharge from the ear.
• Wear earplugs while swimming.

If a yellow, brown, or bloody discharge from the ear lasts more than a week, or if there is chronic discomfort, hearing difficulties, or balance problems, visit your treating doctor.

Risk In Myringotomy:

Even though myringotomy is a relatively common operation, it might result in certain complications. These might include the following:

• The eardrum is unable to recover.
• Infection in the ear.
• The eardrum becomes thicker.
• After the tubes break off, tiny pores develop.
• Persistent ear leakage.
• An allergic response to the tympanostomy tube itself is a possibility.

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