Vocal Cord Polyp Surgery


Microlaryngoscopy, commonly known as microscopic laryngeal surgery, is a vocal fold surgical technique.


• Cyst of the vocal cords
• Polyp on the vocal cords
• Papillomas of the vocal cords
• Cancer of the vocal cords
• Nodules in the vocal cords
• Sulcus vocalis (vocal sulcus)

Microlaryngoscopy procedure is done under general anesthesia. The operating microscope and micro laryngeal dissection tools are the two most essential tool sets utilized during the procedure. It’s used to assess and treat various vocal fold abnormalities, including malignancy, cysts, polyps, papilloma, and Reinke’s edema.
Vocal cord polyp surgery in Dubai

Things To Do During Recovery

• For the first several days following surgery, avoid raising your voice..
• Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and avoiding caffeinated or alcoholic beverages.
• Use fewer words than usual.
• Avoid coughing, clearing your throat, laughing loudly, whispering, singing, or raising your voice.

The following are the signs and symptoms that require prompt medical attention after surgery:

1. Severe breathlessness
2. Oral bruising
3. Having trouble swallowing

Risk In Microlaryngoscopy:

• Damage to teeth.
• Mouth and throat cuts and contusions, as well as tongue cuts.
• Laser burns.
• With changed taste, there is sometimes a sense of numbness on the tongue.
• Bleeding.

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