Ear Wax Removal Dubai

What is Earwax?

Ear wax also known as cerumen is a normal secretion from the glands located within the outer third of the ear canal. Most often it is moist, brown coloured sticky waxy substance.

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Benefits of Earwax:

• It moistens the skin of the ear canal.

• It traps dust and dirt, is part of the ear’s natural process to keep dust and dirt from reaching the eardrum.

• It helps to clean the ear canal; with every jaw movement the ear canal changes its shape, and it pushes the cerumen outside towards the opening of the ear, taking dust, debris, and dirt with it.

Normally the ear wax gets cleaned on its own and we don’t need to worry about it. In fact, too much ear cleaning can be unhealthy, as it leaves ear canal skin dry and itchy. Sometimes you can create a scratch and sore in the canal skin, which can become a site of an infection.

Is it advisable to use Q- tips/ Cotton buds to clean ear wax?

Most of us has a habit of using Q-tips to clean our ears, but is it advisable? We can use Q-tips to simply wipe-off excess water from the most outer part of the ear canal and the pinna. But when we use Q-tips to clean ear wax, we typically push ear wax further deep into the bony ear canal, where it won’t be able to be move out, when we move our jaw. Also, the cotton fibres of the Q-tips will get attached to the ear wax, which might run a risk of developing fungal infection(otomycosis). And lastly, you might push Q-tips deep inside the ear canal, which will lead to damage or rupture of your ear drum. Very rarely you might dislocate small, tiny ear bones (ear ossicles) in the middle ear leading to hearing loss, which will eventually require surgical correction. To ensure safe and effective ear wax removal in Dubai, or ear cleaning it is advisable to seek professional assistance from an ENT specialist, who can provide expert guidance and perform the necessary procedures to remove ear wax safely. including ear wax cleaning, to remove ear wax safely

Why some people need to get their ear wax cleaned more frequently than others?

Too much build-up of ear wax can lead to sense of ear blockage, decreased hearing and rarely ear pain. For ear wax to get cleaned on its own, the ear canal should be wide enough and straight. In individuals with smaller narrow ear canal, even normal quantity of ear wax will tend to get stuck because of smaller area and leading to wax impaction. Also, individuals who are using hearing aids, earphone, ear plugs seem to produce more ear wax and frequent wax impaction. But in reality, the ear wax which normally moves out with every jaw movement gets stuck at the tip of these devices leading to wax accumulation and impaction. If you are experiencing such issues, it is advisable to seek ear wax removal in Dubai  or ear cleaning in Dubai to address the problem and restore proper ear health.

When should you visit an ENT Specialist for ear wax removal in Dubai?

Ear wax cleaning procedures:

  • If Ear wax is very hard in consistency and impacted deep down in the ear canal, then your doctor will prescribe some wax dissolving ear drops like Dewax, Soliwax, etc for 3-5 days and will ask you to follow up after couple of days for ear cleaning. During your subsequent visit, your doctor will clean your ears either by water irrigation or suction.
  • If Ear wax is soft in consistency, then it can be cleaned during the same visit either by water irrigation or suction.
  • For small, non-impacted ear wax, doctor might clean it using wax hook or ear curette.
  • All these processes of ear wax removal in Dubai  or ear cleaning in Dubai are safe in experienced hands and all the doctors have their comfort and preferences in using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

A grey, orange, red, or yellowish waxy substance secreted by humans and other mammals is known as ear wax or cerumen. Dead skin cells, hair, and cerumen are among the components of earwax. It is secreted by ceruminous and sebaceous glands in the outer ear canals.

Certainly, excessive ear wax can cause hearing loss, but it is not as common as one might think.
In fact, very few patients seen by an ENT Specialist have hearing loss that is directly caused by excessive ear wax (cerumen impaction).

Earwax can range in color from light yellow to dark brown, the latter of which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s blocking your ear. Those who are suffering from earwax build-up may experience hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and a sensation of fullness and/or pain. If you suspect an infection due to this build-up, please contact an ENT specialist immediately – particularly if you’re also experiencing severe pain, persisting hearing loss, drainage, fever, or dizziness.

You can prevent earwax blockage by avoiding using cotton-tipped swabs, Q-tips, and other objects that push wax deeper into the ear canal.

Modern methods of ear wax removal or ear cleaning are much easier, safer, and more comfortable than ear syringing of the past. The procedure of micro-suction earwax removal involves using a microscope to see inside your narrow ear canal and a medical suction device to remove the

The technique of micro-suction involves using a binocular microscope to provide a clear and magnified view of the ear canal, which is safe, comfortable, and pain-free. In order to remove any ear wax obstructions safely, a fine low-pressure suction device can be used.

In fact, the most common cause of earwax blockage is at-home removal. Cotton swabs, bobby pins, and other objects can push wax deeper, causing a blockage in the ear canal. You are more likely to build up wax if you wear earphones frequently.

The earwax in dry ears becomes dry and hard, and when it is removed, it pulls out a skin of the ear canal, which can result in sore or mild bleeding from ears.

It is important to clean one’s ears when there is an excessive buildup of earwax. If one cleans their ears too often (twice a week or daily), excessive dryness and irritation may occur.

The use of ear candles to clean the ear is often thought to create a vacuum, which, in turn, helps remove earwax. However, this is not true, as it is not a safe practice to use ear candles as they can cause hearing loss.